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Commissioning: Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Staff Training

Although O&M staff training is contractually required in the construction documents and carried under the general or mechanical contractor, these individuals may not be the most qualified to teach others about the system design intent or ongoing maintenance. Some contractors might hire professional trainers to lead the training classes, but that could be cost-prohibitive.

We have found that for projects we are involved with early on in the construction process, we can provide training on the mechanical systems for a small additional fee (or carried in our original scope). We use a program that is an add-on to Microsoft Visio, which allows us to create a single-line diagram for an HVAC system. These drawings can also show different modes of operation, which is helpful for staff to use as a first step in troubleshooting issues. If involved at the start of the project, we also have an understanding of the system design intent and Engineer’s sequence of operations, which is also important to discuss in O&M training, so the staff can be proactive when addressing issues and not strictly reactive.


Click here for a sample training packet.